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 Investing in massage is an investment in your health.  Why not get a massage today for yourself, someone you love or someone you appreciate?  Your journey to stress relief begins with a massage or facial by Andrea Rychel, LMT.  Gift certificates may be purchased in person with cash or credit card or online at .

My massage is effective and relaxing.  I prefer to "ease" your pain, rather than "cripple" you to get through it.  You didn't get this way in 1 hour.  Don't expect to be "fixed" in 1 hour, improved, yes, but it may take a few treatments to get a lasting result.  If you get massage on a regular basis, 1 or more times per month, your body will thank you for it.  You will see an increase in range of motion, boosted immune system, ability to handle stress and anxiety better plus improved circulation in the areas worked.My massage is tailored to the client's needs.  Typically, most people prefer a full body massage with concentration on a couple of areas with specific issues.  I also incorporate the use of essential oils for various conditions.  When I use essential oils, I only use Young Living oils. Some oils are applied topically, while others are diffused for aromatherapy. I very rarely use tools. I primarily use my hands. I find that my hands are my best tools.


Medical Massage                     15 minutes             $45

Deep Tissue Massage        90 minutes         $100

Swedish Massage             60 minutes         $60

Deep Tissue Massage            60 minutes               $70

Swedish Massage             30 minutes         $40

Deep Tissue Massage            30 minutes               $40

Body Treatments 

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Love the skin you're in. Take charge of your  health and beauty today with professional skin care.

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If there is one you like that is no longer listed, it may just be that I've rotated it out, but if I still have those products, I can do it for you

anyway. Just ask me ahead of time.

Add ons:

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